Top Five Technology Trends That Are Here to Stay

Technology Trends

Technology is all about innovation and new trends. That being said, not all trends are time-proof.

As a matter of fact, most of them fall into abyss unnoticed, which is why it’s essential to identify those that have the potential to stick around and add a thing or two to the industry.

As an entrepreneur, tech trends pique my interest, as I love seeing progress and case studying it. Employing new techs is an integral part of both my personal and business lives.

If you’re looking to do the same, here’s a list of the top five technology trends in which I see a huge potential:

Artificial Intelligence

Machines are taking the wheel in the tech industry, that’s why I believe that artificial intelligence is the century’s biggest technology trend.

Artificial intelligence allows machines to complete tasks that are too tedious or dangerous for humans in an accurate manner using adaptation algorithms that adapt to speech, location, and other parameters.

In a nutshell, AI is all about learning through repeated interactions while completing various tasks. It’s easy to see why analysts predict that most software will use AI in one way or the other within a few years.

If you’ve recently launched a startup or still thinking about doing so, the biggest question that you should ask yourself is “how can artificial intelligence benefit my startup?”


Gone are the days when one needed to spend hours tackling specific tasks. Today, thanks to apps like Zapier, everything can be automated.

Actions trigger other actions for a continuous flow that minimizes human interaction and therefore boosts efficiency. Chatbots are also another excellent execution of automation.


Remember Bitcoin or Dogecoin? Well, the blockchain system is the technology behind the infamous cryptocurrency.

The uses of blockchain don’t stop at cryptocurrencies though, as the system can be used in any sector and app, and it provides an excellent solution for data transactions that require both security and transparency.

Companies can use the blockchain technology to revolutionize centralized, time-consuming, less secure systems, making is a technology trend that’s worth checking by any business, regardless of its size.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality apps are systems that combine haptics, 3D vision, sound, location, and other data to alter the user’s reality in real time and allow them to react to what surrounds them.

AR is being applied to all sorts of businesses at the moment, including entertainment, commerce, and education.

What’s convenient about augmented reality is the fact that it can be used to train experts, such as doctors and nurses, through a virtual system, making it one of the most practical technology trends that I’ve seen so far.


E-Commerce is another growing technology trend that’s witnessing an expanding following. Not only does it make shopping easier, but it also saves a lot of time for both the merchants and the buyers.

I personally believe that the number of people purchasing everyday consumable goods online is only going to grow, especially with the rise of pantry shops, such as Amazon Pantry.

After all, why would you wear your pants and head to the store to get some paper towel when you can order it from the comfort of your couch?