Dropping the L-bomb: Should I Say I Love You Quiz?

Should I Say I Love You Quiz

There are various quizzes for new lovers to test themselves on questions like, “Should I say I love you quiz?’ New lovers are inexperienced and almost like newbies trying to play a multiplayer action game. You will not see a new player win at CSGO without practice. The more time you spend trying to date people, the better you will get at the dating game.

However, whichever relationship you get into will never be similar to the other. You will always feel new in love, as you felt before. There is always a talking stage and, afterward, the honeymoon stage. But what comes in between?

You must take the initiating action to say what you want, i.e., “I love you” to your significant other. Being assertive is an attractive trait, so never be afraid to compliment them or say what is on your mind. Saying “I love you” first will help your relationship move forward and reassure your person of the mutual feelings shared.

This all comes down to the interrogation of your tiny brain cells on whether you are ready or not. Those three words are not to be thrown around without thought. So, you must understand the gravity of the words ‘I love you’ when you say them for the first time to the person.

You’ll know you’re ready if you feel the comfort of not speaking with them. If this person makes you happy and you have a good time with them, you can always tell them that. You don’t necessarily have to say the l-word to provide expressions of affection. If you are afraid, they are too big for you, you can simply tell them you like them and their company.

Sometimes, you can feel afraid to say “I love you”, while the other person is waiting for you to say it first. You may take a little too long to get ready and leave your person thinking you aren’t prepared to commit or that you don’t actually love them.

To avoid this, it’s best to test yourself on how ready you are to tell them your true feelings. You can either ask yourself the questions and ponder them, or you can take this quiz. So, if you have gotten into a new relationship and you’re now struggling to know when the right time to say ‘I love you’ is, our ‘Should I say I love you quiz‘ will help.

  • Question of

    Do you feel jealousy toward the people that try to get too close to them?

    • Yes. I have every right to because they’re my partner.
    • Not really. It depends on the person approaching them.
    • No. I’m well aware that they like me more than others.
    • I have never thought or felt in that manner.
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    How friendly are you with this person?

    • Very. I try my best to become extra friendly with them.
    • Moderate. I know how to maintain some distance.
    • Enough to know we’re both trying to be friendly.
    • Not at all. I met them quite recently.
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    Is the person in a good mental space to accept your confession?

    • Yes, they are.
    • They can balance bad and good pretty well.
    • I don’t know. They might be buried under a lot of stuff.
    • No, they seem too occupied.
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    What do you want from this profession of love?

    • A slow and steady relationship.
    • I already have some dates planned.
    • I want to get things off my chest regardless.
    • I don’t know.
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    Do you often find yourself making or giving time to this person?

    • Yes, all the time. I make sure they can always depend on me.
    • Sometimes but only when they actually need me.
    • We both do the same thing.
    • No, I still find it challenging to give my all.
  • Question of

    Are there any hints you’ve observed indicating that the person loves you?

    • Yes, I have noticed them being flirty with me.
    • Not yet, but I’m hopeful.
    • I am waiting for them to swing into action.
    • No, I haven’t noticed anything yet.
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    If you were to declare your feelings, do you think it could lead to a romantic relationship?

    • Yes, I am certain about that part.
    • I’m not sure, although I would like to try.
    • I would say that it’s 50-50.
    • I don’t know what will happen.
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    Do you know your person enough to spill the L-word?

    • Yes, I have known them for quite some time now.
    • I know them just enough.
    • I think so, but I am unsure about how they will feel.
    • No, I have met them only a few weeks ago.
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    Do you find it hard to fall asleep due to your feelings for them?

    • Of course, I have stayed up quite a few times thinking about them.
    • Sometimes, but it also varies on days that I am drained.
    • Yes, but I somehow manage to get enough sleep.
    • No, I don’t have any sleep difficulty.
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    Are you finding it hard to sleep because of the feelings you have for them?

    • Yes, I have stayed up quite a few times thinking about them.
    • Sometimes. It depends on how tired I am.
    • Yes, but I somehow manage to get enough sleep.
    • No, I don’t have any sleep difficulty.
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    Can you feel the love wanting to spill out?

    • Of course, I feel it all the time.
    • Yes, sometimes I almost blurt it out.
    • Not really, I just want to tell them I love them.
    • No, I don’t need to feel it spilling out of me to say it.
  • Question of

    How would you feel if they don’t answer favorably?

    • I would respect their feelings.
    • I will cry and eventually understand.
    • I am willing to beg them to be a couple with me.
    • Not taking no for an answer.
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    Are you physically attracted to them?

    • Of course, I have a massive crush on them.
    • Yes, I don’t really care about how they look though.
    • I don’t know, I’ve never thought about their physical traits.
    • No, I don’t, but he’s liked by everyone!
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    Do you feel emotionally connected to them?

    • I do. We share a lot of common interests.
    • Yes, I like talking about anything with them.
    • I don’t think so. We have only had a few long conversations.
    • No, I haven’t spoken to them about anything deep.
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    Have you ever imagined a committed life with this person?

    • Yes, I have found myself daydreaming about it a lot.
    • We’re both interested in committing to it.
    • Not really. My heart hasn’t reached that point yet.
    • No. I don’t see them in that manner.
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    Have you ever spied on this person?

    • All the time. I feel like a stalker at times.
    • Sometimes. It depends on my feelings.
    • Only when they’re not around or online for a long time.
    • I don’t see any reason to spy.
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    Is your head filled with only thoughts about them?

    • Yes, I think about them all the time.
    • Sometimes, if I feel like it.
    • I don’t really think about them. I have other things to think about.
    • No, it’s not that serious yet.
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    How many dates have you gone with this person?

    • Enough to know my feelings for them are real.
    • A couple of times.
    • We’ve barely gone on a date.
    • We have never gone on a date.
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    Do you often argue with this person?

    • Yes, we bicker and argue all the time.
    • Sometimes, but only if they start it.
    • Not really. We only do it for fun.
    • No. I don’t know them well enough to argue.
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    Are you sure that what you’re feeling is ‘love’?

    • Obviously, I know what I have been feeling.
    • Yes, I have felt it before and I know it’s the same feeling.
    • Maybe, I’ve never felt love before.
    • No, I don’t know if this is love or just infatuation.