Discover What type of lover are you quiz?

what type of lover are you quiz

Love is universal, but how everyone perceives it can be quite different. Are you wondering which type you are? This “What type of lover are you quiz” play a part in helping you answer this ultimate question. If you’ve been in a relationship, you must have wondered at least once what your partner or significant other thinks about you regarding romance and intimacy.

Many of us are intimidated by the thought of openly asking someone what they think of us and their feelings towards us. So to make this easier for you, we have a 20-question long what type of lover you are quiz to help you understand what you are like in the romance section.

When we talk about love, every person has different preferences. People fall in love for different reasons, and it’s all a matter of perspective and personal opinions.

However, if we have to make a distinct separation on the different types of lovers, broadly, they would fall into different categories like the creative lover, generous lover, reasonable lover, philosophical lover, sovereign lover, playful lover, sensual lover, and the passionate lover among many others. All these are very broad categories which may be home to other subcategories of lovers. Like most personality tests, we will try to figure out what kind of lover you’re through your answers.

Your personal views and opinions when it comes to love are highly subjective. You have to understand that there is no one single way of right loving; hence, there can be more than one way of loving. But if you want to get an idea of what type of lover you’re, you may be interested to know that different personality types can dictate your love style and what you might expect from your lover.

Answer all the questions to this what type of lover are you quiz to get an accurate answer to the question.

  • Question of

    What kind of hug is best for you?

    • A dozen hugs at once
    • One simple hug
    • Long and passionate hugs
    • I let my partner lead
  • Question of

    Do you have a lot of friends?

    • Yes, I do
    • Not really
    • I have some friends but not a lot
    • I think so
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    What kind of character do you think people see in you?

    • I am a creative mind
    • Reserved and a bit mysterious
    • I can be intense
    • A Happy go, lucky person
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    Would you say that you’ve been in several conflicts with other people in your life?

    • Yes, I have.
    • I don’t condone violence.
    • If I can then I’m always trying to avoid all kinds of conflicts
    • If there ever comes a time when I should stand up, I do
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    Are you someone who keeps in touch with friends and family often?

    • Not unless it’s super important
    • We talk every week
    • We make the time for lunches and dinners
    • We are always in touch
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    How often would you say you try to make time for your loved ones?

    • I am quite a busy bee
    • I don’t enjoy social gatherings
    • As much as I can
    • If they need me, I am 100% there
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    What’s a romantic moment that you want to recreate with your partner?

    • Living on a deserted island, just the two of us for a week
    • Watching a romantic movie on the rooftop
    • Hugging in the rain
    • Cooking my partner’s favourite food
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    What is a one trait that you look for when considering potential life partners?

    • Someone spontaneous
    • I don’t need much. Just being comfortable with them is enough
    • Someone who is expressive with their emotions
    • Optimism is a great trait
  • Question of

    Are you thinking about having children?

    • Not right now
    • The thought hasn’t crossed my mind
    • Of course! Who hasn’t?
    • Whenever my partner is ready to start a family, I am too.
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    What is one gesture that your partner can do which is most romantic?

    • Taking me on a spontaneous trip
    • Planning an evening staying in
    • Coming home to a house full of roses
    • Small handwritten notes left around the house
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    What’s an evening well spent according to you?

    • Breaking a few rules
    • A quiet night with a good food and a good book
    • Any moment spent with my partner is an evening well spent.
    • Volunteering at a homeless shelter
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    Do you think you have taken some people for granted throughout your life?

    • I guess so.
    • I can’t say I’ve made friends with people I don’t want to be associated with.
    • Maybe. But it’s unintentional
    • I would never do that
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    When you’re in love, what kind of person are you?

    • I feel like I get super hyped and excited for all the new things I get to try
    • I’m the same
    • I get all cheesy and romantic
    • I am always happy
  • Question of

    What is a romantic story that you like the most?

    • Nothing like the story of Bonnie and Clyde
    • My parent’s story of how they met
    • The Notebook.
    • I like anything with a funny twist.
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    Would you say that people love you for your looks?

    • I think I have to disagree on this statement
    • I don’t believe so
    • Maybe they do. I can’t say
    • Sometimes I feel like that
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    Have you ever thought that people are sometimes harsh to you?

    • I don’t care about these things
    • Yes, they have
    • If they are harsh for no reason, I fight back
    • They can be, but I try to understand their side of the story.
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    What is your go-to hobby when you have free time?

    • Crossing things off my bucket list is my ultimate goal in life
    • I will probably go to a study café and read a book
    • I spend my time learning how to cook new dishes
    • A walk in the park or going to some social event to mingle with people.
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    What do you think is one of the worst traits about you?

    • I have been told that I can be impulsive sometimes
    • I’m pretty picky when it comes to people and the things I like
    • I can be annoying because I’m a hopeless romantic
    • I find it hard to get in touch with reality sometimes.
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    If you could design your bed, what would it be like?

    • With a mural of my favourite location in the world
    • Simple and minimal
    • A heart-shaped bed doesn’t sound so bad
    • A big bed that covers more than half my room
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    What is one physical feature that you notice first when you meet someone?

    • The height of the person
    • Their eyes
    • Their lips
    • It’s the smile